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Judgement perk icons


I created and designed a new set of icons for "the Judgement" a gun in Destiny 2. The final result consisted of 6 different perk icons along with a mock-up of how it would look like in game.


1-Day short project (~2 hours per icon)

June 2023


Icon artist

UI Design, Icon design


In this project, rapidly iterate on a quick idea. Theming it to matched with the existing game style

An iconsheet deliverable containing all icons


01. Idealization

My thought process when coming up with the perks.

02. Development

03. Mock up

04. Takeaways

I had a great time working on this small project, although it was quite a challenge to match my icons with Destiny's art style. Despite not having a style guide, I believe I did a commendable job.


I would like to commend Destiny's icon artist for achieving a unique balance in the sci-fi style of the game. They have successfully incorporated intricate details while still maintaining a sense of simplicity. Replicating this delicate balance was indeed a challenging undertaking.

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